Robert V. McMaugh Memorial American Legion Post 10

American Legion Riders Chapter 10

The American Legion Riders are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of the American Legion Family. The American Legion Riders was formed: 1) to promote the aims and purposes of the American Legion, 2) to promote motorcycle safety programs, and 3) to provide a social atmosphere for The American Legion as a family oriented motorcycling activity for members of The American Legion family.  The American Legion Riders upholds the declared principles of The American Legion as well as conforms to and abides by the regulations and decisions of the post, department, and national organization.

The American Legion Riders is not a motorcycle club (M/C). We do not practice M/C rules and regulations. Post 10 has a committed group of riders that brings a diverse group of members together with the goal to serve and ride.



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On March 26th three Post 10 Riders attended the Bike Blessing at Post 176.  We were able to greet friends and acquaintances, and make new ones. From Post 176 we followed some of the riders to Quantico Harley Davidson which was one of the stops on the Poker Run.  It was a chilly day and while at the HD dealer it started to hail!  However, in the end the three intrepid riders made it home safe and sound.
Speedy, Nitro, and Cheeks heading out after the hail.
Congratulations to our Polar Bears for finishing all three Polar Bear rides!
The Polar Bears that earned the patch and year rocker are: Carl Carey, Brian "Hillbilly" Means, Paul "Cheeks" Giovanni, Denis "Exodus" Lamoureux, Bob "Lambchop" Lamoureux, Greg "Speedy" Neiss, Tim Jones, and Bob "Nitro Bob" Fricken.  
Andrea Jones is awarded the Patch but not the rocker for making 2 out of the 3 rides.  The year rocker indicates the year a rider made all three rides.

From Left to Right: Exodus, Lambchop, Speedy, Nitro Bob, Cheeks, Tim, Carl, Hillbilly


Here is a tentative list of upcoming rides

Updated 12 MAR 2022

Mar 26: Post 176 ALR Blessing of the Bikes and Poker Run

Mar 26: Polar Bear Pub Crawl


The following list is tentative and more info will be forthcoming as we move into March, but please put these on your calendar -

Apr 9: The Hobbits Tale: There and Back Again Saddle Sore Practice Ride (250 miles in 4 hours)

Apr 19: Post 290 ALR, Stafford, Dart Tournament $25 registration fee

Apr 30: The Hobbits Dangerous Business Saddle Sore Practice Ride (500 miles in 8 hours)


Its a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you dont keep your feet, theres no knowing where you might be swept off to.” — Bilbo Baggins


Its a dangerous business, Boys, riding out onto the road. You ride out, and if you dont keep your head, theres no knowing what might happen.” — Cheeks


May 21: Ride to Drag Bike Summer Nationals at the Virginia Motorsport Park, Dinwiddie

May 28 & 29: Rolling to Remember, Washington DC  - See note below


Post 177 in Fairfax will be once again hosting our ALR Run to the Thunder on Memorial Day Weekend. We are still working out the details, but our event should start on Saturday the 28th of May with a wreath laying at the Civil War Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery,  Followed by a BBQ catered by the Post 177 Sons of the American Legion.  Sunday morning, we will have breakfast then ride to RFK Stadium for Rolling To Remember.   If Patriot Harley Davidson is having a police escorted ride we will join them, if not we will ride on our own.


June 4: Saddle Sore 1000 Mile Pre-Ride Safety Meeting

June 18: Saddle Sore 1000 Mile Ride

June 23 - 25: Virginia ALR Legacy Ride


There are other rides in the planning stages and they will be added to this list and published by March.  Any impromptu rides will be announced via email and posted on our Riders web page as they come up.


Paul Cheeks” Giovanni

Post 10 ALR Membership


The Post 10 American Legion Riders (ALR) completed their Welcome to Winter Polar Bear Ride on January 15th. The temperature when the Riders left the Post was 24 degrees.  They followed a 22 mile route to the Texas Roadhouse in Chantilly but it was closed due to mechanical problems. Being the improvising, adaptive folks that they are, the Riders went across the street to a Mexican restaurant and warmed up there with a hearty meal. They then rode back home with the temperature having warmed up to balmy 27 degrees. Congrats to the following nine Riders who made the ride:

1. Paul "Cheeks" Giovanni

2. Greg "Speedy" Neiss

3. Carl Carey

4. Tim Jones

5. Andrea Jones

6. Bob "Lambchop" Lamoureux

7. Denise "Exodus" Lamoureux

8. Brian Means

9. Bob "Nitro Bob" Ficken

The next scheduled ride is the Freeze Your Ass Off Polar Bear Ride on Saturday February 12th, with the final Good Bye to Winter Polar Bear Ride being on March 5th. Riders who make all three Polar Bear rides are eligible for the Post 10 ALR Polar Bear Patch and Year Rocker. In addition to the Polar Bear Rides, the Riders will be participating in the Manassas St. Patrick's Parade to be held on Saturday, March 12th. The Riders will then celebrate the end of winter with the End of Winter Pub Crawl on March 26th starting at the Three Monkeys at 17:00. All are welcome to join the Riders as they prove that “not all who wander are lost.”

Congratulations to our newest Riders Denise Exodus” Lamoureux and Steven Butello who were voted in at our January meeting. Welcome Aboard! This brings the Riders to 34 active members - 32 Riders and 2 Supporters. The Riders voted to donate $200.00 to the Post to help pay for the kitchen Sandwich Station.




Manassas Veterans Parade, 6 NOV 2021